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Australian Capital Territory


Songs about the Australian Capital Territory

This page lists a number songs that mention locations within the Australian Capital Territory.
Population: 455,869. Capital city: Canberra

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songs about CANBERRA
Australia’s Canberra Judith Durham
But when those kookaburras laughed, wish I could have photographed all my vision of Australia’s Canberra
Authorised By The Australian Government, Canberra Pre-Emptive Strike
Canberra Crank
Canberra ACT Geoff Williams
Canberra ACT built for all the world to see
Canberra (I Miss You) The Landlords
I’m S-A-D ’bout the A-C-T, Canberra what have you done to me? Spent my whole life thinking you were uncool but then I went to Big Splash, that’s a hell of a pool
Canberra Man Five Fifteen  
Canberra Raiders Canberra Raiders NRL Club
We’re the bad and mean green machine fearsome men from the ACT
Canberra, We’re Watching You Dalvanius
Canberra we’re watching you, what the hell you’re gonna do?
Canberra Won’t Be Calling Tonight Client Liaison
Canberra won’t be calling tonight, this operation’s high regarded to fly the flag of diplomatic apparatus
Folkstar Bedroom Philosopher
I don’t wanna be obscure, I just wanna world tour, Tasmania, Canberra and maybe Rotorua
Going Abroad Los Capitanes
Somewhere far away, far from Canberra preferably
Gough Whitlams
They went to the same Canberra school, Stevie was nine in 1972
I’ve Been Everywhere Lucky Starr

I've Been Everywhere - Lucky Starr
Canberra, Milperra, Unanderra, Captain’s Flat
Killer Kangaroos In Canberra Tripod
Drinking rum and Coca Cola in the busy streets of Canberra. When we say busy, we mean eerily spookily empty
Light Rail Tom Jordan (Hither And Yon) The best in Weston Creek and Woden will be proud to say they rode in this splendid installation, the wonder of our Nation
Mad Tight Bliss N Eso
Hey yo, Canberra (what what), your style is mad tight
Party At My Place Bliss N Eso
Plus the colour of my crones likes the Canberra Raiders
Servin’ USA Redgum
We’ll all be serving in Queensland, Hobart, Melbourne and Russell Hill (inside, outside, USA)
Skinhead Wedding In Canberra Dark Blue
Skinhead, skinhead, say your vow, you don’t love him anyhow
Tell Me The Truth Midnight Oil
A new crop of aerials in Dacca and Canberra
Wild Stylee TZU
You’re not from round here? What, you come from Canberra?
songs about ACT
A Nervous Kid You Am I
Clueless and free in the ACT, my mind buckled its spokes
songs about THARWA
The Shearing At Cuppacumbalong Tom Jordan (Hither And Yon) And on this first occasion I came out very strong, stripping off the fleeces at Cuppacumbalong. Cuppacumbalong is a homestead in Tharwa, ACT
songs about TUGGERANONG
Earthquake On Tuggeranong Parkway Jonah Myers
Tuggeranong parkway is in the middle of an earthquake, multiple vehicles are swallowed up whole
I’ve Been Everywhere Lucky Starr

I've Been Everywhere - Lucky Starr
Megalong, Wyong, Tuggerawong, Wangarella
The Tuggeranong Parkway The Cashews
To the jagged rim of Tuggeranong, a place to run to or to run from

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