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Northern Territory


Songs about the Northern Territory

This page lists a number of Northern Territory towns & locations, along with songs they have been mentioned in.
Population: 249,345. Capital city: Darwin. Other notable locations: Alice Springs, Kakadu, Uluru

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songs about DARWIN
A Brief History Waifs
Wyndham, Kunnunrra, Darwin we stayed for a while
Amazing Day John Williamson
I’ll see ya later mate, I’m heading up to Darwin
ASIO Redgum
Darwin rendezvous, a B-52, trenchcoat slightly creased
Australiana Austen Tayshus

I said to Lyptus “Wanna game of Eucalyptus?” He said “There’s no point mate, Darwins every time”
Carrington Cabaret Redgum
All you people from Darwin to the south with your blue faded jeans and a joint in your mouth
Caught In The Act Redgum
Sit on the beach at sunset, have a few cans, and watch what they call up in Darwin, the refugee regatta
Darwin (Big Heart Of The North) Slim Dusty
You’re a jewel shining for us, you’re the big heart of the north
Darwin Is Beautiful Paul Lawler
Oh Darwin is beautiful wherever you go
Darwin Jailhouse Window Lee Kernaghan & Tex Morton
I see you in the bar from the jailhouse window drinkin’ with a fool like me
Darwin Jam Carus & The True Believers
Darwin Love Sara Storer
Darwin love you tonight
Darwin Song Super Raelene Bros
Uranium wharf, the trucks are hummin’, must be cause I’m livin’ in Darwin
The Drover’s Ballad Elton John
Oh his legend rode the winds from Broome to Darwin. From the soundtrack to the movie, Australia
Fannie Bay Traditional
But what costs you thirty bob in Castlereagh street, you can get for two and six in Fannie Bay. Traditional bush ballad. Fannie Bay is a suburb of Darwin
400 Miles From Darwin Whitlams
400 miles from Darwin, East Timor is dying
Hockey Night In Darwin Peter Haines
I’ve Been Everywhere Lucky Starr

I've Been Everywhere - Lucky Starr
Darwin, Gin Gin, Deniliquin, Muckadilla
Kosciuszko Midnight Oil
Older than Kosciuszko, Darwin down to Alice Springs
Marvellous 12th Man
From Darwin to the Dandenongs
Santa Never Made It To Darwin Bill & Boyd
Bucko & Champs
Santa never made it into Darwin, disaster struck at dawn on Christmas day
She’s On Again In Darwin Ted Egan
She’s on again tonight in dear old Darwin town
Show Me A Better Way John Williamson
From the Isa to Alice to Darwin to Kakadu
Song For Darwin Ayers Rock
From Darwin to a new home, and you know we’re gonna come back
Tojo (Never Made It To Darwin) Hoodoo Gurus
Tojo never made it, Tojo never made it to Darwin
Truganini Midnight Oil
We’ll be staying at the Roma Bar, till that monsoon passes on. The Roma Bar is a popular cafe in Darwin
songs about ALICE SPRINGS
Alice Springs Coloured Stone
I’m going back to Alice Springs, that’s the place that’s in my dreams
Alice Springs Garth Stevenson
Instrumental from the soundtrack to Tracks
Alice Springs John Williamson
Headin’ for the Alice with a dinkum show and crew
Alice Springs Liz Phair

See the sun rise so loud, this whole town gets drowned out
Alice Springs Peter Mumme
Instrumental ambient music
Alice Springs Trevor Adamson
Alice Springs Again Peter Brandy
And I’m waiting here in Alice Springs again
Alice Springs Eternal Joe Ongie
I long for the sun in my eye, travel north through the desert, the edge of the sky
Alice Springs Rodeo Ted Egan
Oh the ringers come in from the stations, they’re ready and they’re raring to go, the ARRA boys all join ’em at the Alice Springs rodeo
Alice Springs Rodeo Wild Brumbys
Alice Springs Waltz Herbie Laughton
Amazing Day John Williamson
Last time through there I fell in love with Alice
A Town Like Alice Ted Egan
Alice is just the place for me, with my own piece of ground, the mountains around, that’s where I’d be
Australiana Austen Tayshus

Just then Alice Springs into action, starts to pack Billabong
Back In The Territory Sara Storer
Captain tells me we’ll be touching down in Darwin soon
Back To Alice Springs Buddy Williams
Caught In The Act Redgum
Get on a plane, whip down to Alice Springs
88K From Alice Greg Champion
Can you fix it for someone to come out and give us a tow, 88k from Alice and the truck won’t go
46 Miles From Alice Catherine Britt
Now I’m 46 miles from Alice and I’m thousands of miles from my home
Hindley Street Powderfinger
The Todd Street mall cafe is here to save the day
Ghan To Alice Trevor Adamson
The Ghan To Alice Springs Buddy Williams
There will always be a welcome at my Alice Springs home
The Last Frontier Redgum
A stark and blistered Alice Springs and a river runs with shame
Little Sisters Archie Roach
I came back to Alice Springs, harder journeys ahead
Kosciuszko Midnight Oil
Older than Kosciuszko, Darwin down to Alice Springs
My Island Home Warumpi Band
Christine Anu
Paul Kelly
Now I’m out here west of Alice Springs with a wife and a family
Pmarra Knatcha (My Home in the Bush) John Williamson & Warren H. Williams
Land west of Alice is the place you have to see, this is where my heart wants to be
Show Me A Better Way John Williamson
From the Isa to Alice to Darwin to Kakadu
Such A Beautiful Thing Ian Moss
I went out walking through the city centre, thinking back to Alice Springs
This Train I’m On Greg Champion
Just take me north to Alice or across the Nullarbor
Up Close Personal Attention Gina Jeffreys
From Brisbane to the Alice, the show must go on
Warakurna Midnight Oil
There is enough for everyone, in Redfern as there is in Alice
When The Snow Falls On The Alice Lee Kernaghan
When the snow falls on the Alice and it floods at Tilberoo
songs about ARNHEM LAND
Arnhem Land Lullaby Ted Egan
Possums are out working, frogs are croaking too
Journey To Arnhemland Jamiroquai
Song Of Arnhem Land East Journey
Milyakburra Emily Wurramara Ngabiyedu kingarenama milykbaroowah (My heart is hurting, when am I gonna see Bickerton Island again?) Emily states on her Bandcamp page, “Milyakburra is called Bickerton Island in English. It’s the island next to Groote Eylandt.”
songs about BORROLOOLA
The Combo’s Anthem Traditional
So hail Borroloola, the old VRD, the nash and the hill for a cracker old spree. Traditional bush ballad, dating back to the 1930’s
songs about CURTIN SPRINGS
Curtin Springs Trevor Adamson
songs about ELCHO ISLAND
Elcho Island Boys Saltwater Band
My Island Home Warumpi Band
Christine Anu
Paul Kelly
And my island home, my island home, my island home is waiting for me. Written by Neil Murray with Elcho Island in mind, as it was the home of Warumpi Band singer, George Rrurrambu Burarrwanga
songs about GROOTE EYLANDT
Carry Me Home Emily Wurramara My island home, she’s so pretty so blue, and all the trees are greener there too. Emily states on her Bandcamp page, “This song is about Groote Eylandt, I wrote this for my mum when I was 14…”
Ngarrikwujeyinama Emily Wurramara Emily states on her Bandcamp page, “This song was written in response to the mining on Groote Eylandt, and in particular the battle fought by the community…”
songs about GURINDJI
From Little Things Big Things Grow Kev Carmody
Paul Kelly
Gurindji were working for nothing but rations, where once they had gathered the wealth of the land
songs about HERMANNSBURG
Keeper Of The Stones John Williamson
And I am proud to know you, the keeper of the stones. Written with regard to the Aboriginal tribe around the Hermannsburg area
songs about HUMPTY-DOO
Humptydoo Hotel Corey Colum
We’re hanging out with the hangers-on at the Humptydoo Hotel
Humpty-Doo Waltz Slim Dusty
The Man From Humpty-Doo Ted Egan
Take a gander at the gaggle of geese at the man from Humpty-Doo
songs about KAKADU
Amazing Day John Williamson
Gonna see Kakadu, gonna take my woman
Kakadu Man Norma O’Hara Murphy
Next Thing I Do, I’ll Go To Kakadu Greg Champion
Next thing you do you’ll go to Kakadu, then he’s gonna ride his kangaroo
Show Me A Better Way John Williamson
From the Isa to Alice to Darwin to Kakadu
songs about KATHERINE
Amazing Day John Williamson
Gonna say g’day to Katherine, and Mary Kathleen
This Big Old Car Cold Chisel
Take us back across to Katherine to the Fitzroy River sands
songs about KINTORE
Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil
Four wheels scare the cockatoos, from Kintore East to Yuendumu
songs about KULGERA
Lear Jets Over Kulgera Redgum
And there’s Lear Jets over Kulgera where the Dust dances inthe heat
Keep The Kettle Boiling Greg Champion
Out along the West MacDonnell’s where the wedgetail takes to flight
Station Cook John Williamson
It’s the last of the outback stations owned by a family. John states in his book True Blue that this song refers to Mallapunyah Springs
Why They Call Him Sundown John Williamson
I was offered a ride wih Sundown to Mallapunyah Springs
songs about MATARANKA
Aussie Balladeer John Williamson
Take it easy, it’s not so hot if you think of Mataranka
Mataranka Moon Johnny Chester
Mataranka Moon, can you use your power, ask her to return from across the sea
Mataranka Town Jody Hocking
There’s a magic in the air in this Mataranka town
Back In The Territory Sara Storer
You can have your wicked way with me when I’m back in the Territory
Drinkers Of The Territory Ted Egan
We’ve got some bloody good drinkers in the Northern Territory
The Northern Territory Alamo Race Track
Territory Ringer Slim Dusty
I’m a dinki di ringer from the Northern Territory
songs about RENNER SPRINGS
Renner Springs John Williamson
Snorin’ truckies, windmill sings lonely sounds of Renner Springs
songs about ROPER RIVER
When The Snow Falls On The Alice Lee Kernaghan
When the Roper freezes over, that’s when I’ll stop loving you
Where The Roper Flows Tonight Johnny Chester
songs about TENNANT CREEK
Get On Down The Road Adam Brand
My mind was made and my bags were packed and that GPS was set for Tennant Creek
Scrubbashin’ Lee Kernaghan
From Tennant Creek to Longreach, it’s not a real exclusive club
Tennant Creek Toe Sucking Cowgirls
I can see the lights of Tennant Creek from about five miles out of town
songs about TIMBER CREEK
Boys In Boots Tania Kernaghan
He’s from west of Timber Creek
songs about ULURU (AYERS ROCK)
Australiana Austen Tayshus

Pretty soon Ayers Rocks in and things really started jumpin’
Big Red Kangaroo John Williamson
Maybe long-time old blackfella, maybe long-time Uluru
Caught In The Act Redgum
Don’t climb the rock, there’ll be so many Americans swarming around it
Have You Been To The Rock? Ted Egan
Spinifex plains and the kangaroo at the rock names Uluru
My Oath To Australia John Williamson
Hoist up the kangaroo, red ochre, Uluru
Raining On The Rock John Williamson
Or the grandeur of the rock, Uluru has power
There’s A Rainbow Over The Rock Slim Dusty

There’s a rainbow over the rock and the sun has started shining
This Is Australia Calling John Williamson
The message came from Uluru, her spirits ill at ease
Uluru Daddy Cool
Uluru Smoky Dawson
Uluru, Uluru, oh rock mountain of the west
Uluru Express Gerry Joe Weise
songs about URAPUNGA
The Urapunga Frog Ted Egan
All the kids are frightened of the Urapunga frog
songs about WATTIE CREEK
From Little Things Big Things Grow Kev Carmody
Paul Kelly
They picked up their swags and started off walking, at Wattie Creek they sat themselves down
songs about YUENDUMU
Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil
Four wheels scare the cockatoos, from Kintore East to Yuendumu

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