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South Australia


Songs about South Australia

This page lists a number of South Australian towns & locations, along with songs they have been mentioned in.
Population: 1,815,485. Capital city: Adelaide. Other notable locations: Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln

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songs about ADELAIDE
Adelaide Anberlin
Adelaide, Adelaide, you really had me going this time, Adelaide, Adelaide, you need to quit, quit making a scene. Although not about Adelaide, the song was named after the first city Anberlin saw on their first tour of Australia
Adelaide Ben Folds
Learning that there is no hurry, fuss or worry, Adelaide
Adelaide Ben S
Adelaide John Cale
I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go back to Adelaide
Adelaide Paul Kelly
Down past the hedges all in a row in Adelaide, Adelaide
Adelaide Rockfords
I’ll take you with me when I go down to Christmas in the summertime, Adelaide
Adelaide Straight To The Ace
I’m a simple boy from little old Adelaide, let me sing my song to you
Adelaide Why A Fox
Adelaide stole my heart and kept it safe but it tied a rope around my feet, demanded I stayed
Adelaide City Systemaddicts
Heading back to Adelaide on a highway
Adelaide On Top Elapsed Time
All my South Aussies, I want you’s to listen, now I don’t live in Adelaide I realize I miss her
Adelaide South Australia Sonny Rolfe
They let me off last Friday and I got out on the track, gave me all my money and I’m never coming back, filled the truck with goodies and some whisky in my pack, Adelaide SA’s looking good
Adelaide You’re A Lady Sandi McMenamin
Adelaide you’re a lady, Adelaide you’re a queen, prettiest of all the cities I’ve ever seen
Australiana Austen Tayshus

Noosa Heads of course, me mate Adelaide ’em on me
Back To Adelaide Errol Chugg
And after all of those dreams and the plans that were made, I’m returning full circle back to Adelaide
Best Western Bad Astronaut
Rebellious, reformed then upright, it’s cold in Adelaide tonight
Bradman Paul Kelly
From Adelaide to Brisbane the runs did not abate, he hit ’em hard, he hit ’em straight
Bus Stop Love Elapsed Time
Well I’ve got ADD and some THC, have a puff of this home-grown Adelaide greenery
Came From Adelaide Codabeen Champions
Greg Champion
Came from Adelaide man, came from Adelaide man, South Australian made man, drank Woodies lemonade man
Carrington Cabaret Redgum
In the dirt filled gutters on the cold concrete, at the nightclub end of Hindley Street
Caught In The Act Redgum
Down to Adelaide, walk around, see just how boring that is
Charades Cog
Taking covert trips down to Adelaide, making homemade glasses of lemonade
City Of Light Hilltop Hoods
I’m from the city of light with a sky of vanilla, known as the city of churches home of the serial killer
Coopers Sparkling Ale Wongawilli
They’re the pride of the city of Adelaide, trust your thirst to the Coopers
Dark Old Street Bakewell Street
Adelaide, A-Adelaide, the city’s asleep and the church is bare
Eddie’s Castle Venice Queens
The morning after the night before, never come down, never come down, I remember give me more. Named after the Edinburgh Castle Hotel in Adelaide
From The Gulf To Adelaide Slim Dusty
The Grace Molting Vultures
Come on people, come with me, let’s go to the Grace Emily. Named after the Grace Emily Hotel in Adelaide
Grand Junction Road Don Morrison
It’s a place you go to make a living, it’s not the place you want to live in, you won’t find nothing to ease your load, drivin’ down Grand Junction Road
Hindley Street Powderfinger
The Hindley Street parade shuffles to my door
Home And Broken Hearted Cold Chisel
Bought a second-hand Morris for a cheap two-twenty and drove it down to Adelaide
Howl At The Moon Don Walker
He fires it of into the heart of the night and lays a strip of rubber from Adelaide to Wittenoom
In South Australia I Was Born Greg Champion
In South Australia I was born, hip hooray, Adelaide
Ireland Over Here Traditional
Slim Dusty
And County Cork in Adelaide did appear. Traditional bush ballad
Kensington Road Don Morrison
If you keep on driving up Kensington Road you’ll end up on a hill, you can look out all over the city from there, where it’s quiet and it’s still
Largs Pier Hotel Jimmy Barnes
There’s a big wharfy pub by the banks of the bay out in the west side of Adelaide
Last Train To Adelaide Gerry Joe Weise
She’s got a ticket to ride, last train to Adelaide
Lear Jets Over Kulgera Redgum
It’s a long hot road from Adelaide to Lincoln when the radiator’s hissing steam
Let’s Stomp Australia Way Tony Brady
In Adelaide town it’s a gettin’ around, stomp is here to stay
Lights Of Adelaide Kevin Kitto Singers
A million lights glow over Adelaide
Lost In Adelaide Spiderbait
I lost you down in Adelaide, I’d like to say I’m looking for you now
Made It To Adelaide San Clemente Sky
Mad Tight Bliss N Eso
Adelaide (what what), your style is mad tight
Meeting North Of Adelaide Kalle Kjemtrup
Moving Out West Thebarton
Fuck the east man, the west is the best, catch a train to Grange or Port Adelaide
Mr Bad Example Warren Zevon
Fourteen hours later I was down in Adelaide, looking through the want ads sipping Fosters in the shade
My Adelaide Miss Monck
Though I’m not one for the sun, my love will never fade for Adelaide
Not The Sunscreen Song John Safran
Travel as often as you can. Live in New York City once. Live in northern California once. Never live in Adelaide, it’s a hole.
One More Boring Night In Adelaide Redgum
Well it’s one more boring Thursday night in Adelaide, and it looks like everybody must have died
Paradise Bad//Dreems
Paradise is an hours drive, North East Road feels like a lifetime
Peter The Cabbie Redgum
Peter’s a cabby on Adelaide roads and in five o’clock traffic that’s a hard road to hoe
Picking Up The Pieces Tania Kernaghan
And now your wife’s long gone back home to Adelaide
The Power To Win (Port Adelaide Football Club Song) Fable Singers
We’ve got the power to win, power to rule, come on Port Adelaide agression
Pride of South Australia (Adelaide Crows Football Club Song) Fable Singers
We’re the pride of South Australia, we’re the mighty Adelaide Crows
Rowley Park Molting Vultures
Take a drive down Torrens Road, Take a drive down Torrens Road, I only went for the crashes, Rowley Park, Rowley Park
Search And Loss In Adelaide David Bridie
Servin’ USA Redgum
Toxic carpark jungle, west to Adelaide (inside, outside, USA)
The Showman’s Song Slim Dusty
Oh we made the grade from Adelaide around the southern line, and worked right through Victoria in the summertime
Sitting In A Bar In Adelaide Skyhooks
I was sitting in a bar in Adelaide, starin’ at the barmaids tits
Stopping All Stations Hilltop Hoods
The next train to Adelaide will depart from platform one, stopping all stations
The Strut Venice Queens
’bout to have some fuckers in stitches, Adelaide, a bit of rough and tumble
Tapleys Hill Pemberton
I’ve got the grandest of goals, I don’t want to live in my dump anymore in this tiny house on Tapleys Hill Road
Target’s Air Conditioner Baterz
Going into town on the sweaty 181, stand beneath Target air conditioner’s freezing home, I don’t have any money to spend on haberdashery, I’ll just pretend I’m looking for something from my mum. Written about the Target store in Rundle St, Adelaide
Three Sons John Williamson
Sent the boys off to school to see Adelaide, how other folks live, get a job, learn a trade
Town With No Cheer Tom Waits
From Melbourne to Adelaide on the overlander
Virgin Ground Redgum
In pucky little offices in Adelaide you count company profits but you’re underpaid
Wanganeen Is So Special Greg Champion
When we wake up in the morning we’ll be off to Adelaide, we are the umpies for the showdown, Footy Park, Saturday
We Are The Crows Greg Champion
Hear the roar when we score from the Bay to Semaphore, we are the South Australian Crows
Wright Street Lights Ryan Martin John
Another Night At Windy Point Allday
Up at Windy, see the lights are pretty, my dealer isn’t picking up, this night is dying quickly
The Luckiest Ben Folds
Next door, there’s an old man who lived to his nineties and one day passed away in his sleep, and his wife, she stayed for a couple of days, and passed away. Ben explains in his autobiography that this verse of The Luckiest is based on true events that unfolded while he lived next-door to elderly neighbours at Beluah Park
Blackwood Hill Beccy Cole
And the dreams of little children echo still on Blackwood Hill
Christies Beach Systemaddicts
I had a house in Christies Beach, yeah the ocean was within its reach
songs about ADELAIDE – CLELAND
Cleland Why A Fox
It seems that Cleland couldn’t keep me safe from everything
Coromandel Valley Beccy Cole
There’s a house on a hill in Coromandel Valley with a tree out in the back yard that I used to climb
Eagle On The Hill Rhys Howlett
I’m where the hills meet the sea, I’m kicking autumn leaves in between you and me, I am not lookng east wondering why, I am the blazing sun, I am the endless sky
Eagle On The Hill Wagons Take me back to the Eagle On The Hill and I’ll wait there for you til the morning, I will
Shutting Down Our Town Jimmy Barnes
This used to be a place where a man could find some work, put together Holdens or a foundry job at worst. Jimmy has stated, “It’s about growing up in Elizabeth and the closing down of the Holden factory where I once worked as a young working class boy in North Adelaide”
Jupiter Creek Stars
Well I heard there was gold down near old Jupiter Creek, now Darlin’ I swear to God there’s a piece there for me
Kensington Dark Cabin Cults
songs about ADELAIDE – NORWOOD Norwood Stevey Z
5 to the 0 to the 6-7 hood, where you from, Norwood
Be Home Before the Streetlights Go On Aerial Maps
The Onkaparinga driveways and bedrooms
Onkaparinga River Of Dreams Ralph Gourlay
From the Mount Lofty Ranges it flows out to the sea, Onkaparinga, river of dreams
Rosewater Smile Leader Cheetah
Semaphore Girl Green Circles
You walk both sides of the road, I’ll do what I’m told, you’re my Semaphore girl, Semaphore girl, we can go on your water slide, take a turn on my steam train ride
Taman Shud Drones
Why don’t anybody feel like crying for the Somerton somebody with the hazel eyes. Named after the 1948 Taman Shud missings person case where a man was found dead on Somerton Beach
Woodville Ben Walter & Friends
The cold north wind is blowing me to Woodville again
songs about ARKAROOLA
Arkaroola Greg Champion
Arkaroola Mountains David Fennell
songs about BAROSSA VALLEY
Barossa Valley Wine Neville Anderson
Barrie From Barossa Codabeen Champions
Spoken word
songs about CAPE JERVIS
The Sea Dragon Coast Sandi McMenamin
From Myponga down to Cape Jervis, Parawa through Delamere, hiking the Heysen Trail, voices echoing say ‘come away to the Sea Dragon Coast’
The Sea Dragon Coast Sandi McMenamin
Golden beaches of Carrickalinga, forests and vineyards abound
songs about COOBER PEDY
Coober Pedy David Bridie
Coober Pedy John Williamson
It’s a long road to Coober Pedy, tryin’ to write a note to you
Coober Pedy Sunny Cowgirls
He’s in love with the girl behind the bar in Coober Pedy
Coober Pedy Cabana Col Elliott
At the Coober Pedy Cabana, opals and lager was all they were after
songs about DELAMERE
The Sea Dragon Coast Sandi McMenamin
From Myponga down to Cape Jervis, Parawa through Delamere, hiking the Heysen Trail, voices echoing say ‘come away to the Sea Dragon Coast’
A Thousand Miles Away Traditional
On the far Barcoo, and the Flinders too, a thousand miles away. Traditional bush ballad dating back to the late 1800’s
On The Flinders Traditional
Jack was one of the rowdy push, he was just in from the bush, he had come to work upon the Flinders. Traditional bush ballad
songs about GAWLER
Song Of Gawler Judy Gillett-Ferguson
Now Gawler stands round Murray Street, round Murray Street, built on its industrial base
songs about GOOLWA
Goolwa Flavenoids
The wind blows your hair, the salty air, in the dunes I long for you down in Goolwa
Goolwa’s The Shit Scum Of The Surf
You got the local footy club, support their songs, so let your hair down, grab a drink it’s game on, go! Goolwa’s the shit
Get High, See No One Smith Street Band
You’re just a voice on the phone, we’re both in our respective homes and between us lies the Great Australian Bight
Girt By Sea John Williamson
There’s the great Southern Rail way and Southern Cross at night, the Great Ocean Road and the Great Australian Bight
Great Australian Bite Don Spencer
The great Australian bite, morning noon and night, everybody likes to eat so line up for your favourite treat, get ready for the great Australian bite
A Word To Texas Jack Slim Dusty
Bearin’ down the stock an’ stations to the Great Australian Bight
songs about INNAMINCKA
Innamincka Paul Furniss
Instrumental jazz recording
Innamincka Muster Slim Dusty
Oh they’ve mustered all the cattle on the Innamincka Run
Take Me Back To Innamincka John Vincent
Greg Champion
Take me back to Innamincka, golden city in the sun
Kangaroo Island Al Mullins & Janine De Lorenzo
From the soundtrack to the TV series A Shared Table
Kangaroo Island Parralox
Meeting On Kangaroo Island Kalle Kjemtrup
songs about KI KI
Don’t Call Wagga Wagga Wagga Ted Egan

It’s Lang Lang and it’s Ki Ki, Wangi Wangi and Woy Woy
songs about LAKE EYRE
Australiana Austen Tayshus

Well Bo says, "Come in starkers, wattle Lake Eyre"
Lake Eyre Don Harper
Instrumental ambient / classical music
songs about MAITLAND
Caitlin From Maitland Andy Armstrong
songs about MARREE
Marree Girl John Williamson
What is it about Marree that makes a girl go bad?
The Marree Line Ted Egan
For the railway line runs through Marree, star-crossed lovers are doomed to be, forever denied their true destiny by parents who know what is best
songs about MARALINGA
Maralinga Midnight Oil
I come from a land of wide open spaces, where the world turns around us and we just follow suit
Maralinga (Rainy Land) Paul Kelly
This is a rainy land, no thunder in our sky, no trees stretching high
Plains Of Maralinga Alistair Hulett
Out on the plains of Maralinga, what happened there was a bloody disgrace
songs about MURRAY BRIDGE
When The Snow Falls On The Alice Lee Kernaghan
I’ve seen every lonely roadhouse from Charleville to Murray Bridge
songs about MYPONGA
Myponga Beach The Fatherhood with Chris Finnen
Remember that time at Myponga Beach, we sat in the car and watched the sea
The Sea Dragon Coast Sandi McMenamin
From Myponga down to Cape Jervis, Parawa through Delamere, hiking the Heysen Trail, voices echoing say ‘come away to the Sea Dragon Coast’
songs about OODNADATTA
I’ve Been Everywhere Lucky Starr

I've Been Everywhere - Lucky Starr
I was humpin’ my bluey on the dusty Oodnadatta road
songs about NORMANVILLE
The Sea Dragon Coast Sandi McMenamin
Rustic charm of old Yankalilla, cafés of Normanville town
songs about PARACHILNA
Keep The Kettle Boiling Greg Champion
Well I used to be a railway man on the Parachilna line
Prairie Hotel Parachilna John Williamson
I’m talking about Parachilna, Prarie Hotel Parachilna, where you won’t grow no roses but all the women try
songs about PARAWA
The Sea Dragon Coast Sandi McMenamin
From Myponga down to Cape Jervis, Parawa through Delamere, hiking the Heysen Trail, voices echoing say ‘come away to the Sea Dragon Coast’
songs about PORT AUGUSTA
El Alamein Blues Catfish
All the world is sleeping off the day’s El Alamein Blues. El Alamein is an army training base 9km south of Port Augusta
John Wayne Visits Port Augusta Not Drowning, Waving
Keep The Kettle Boiling Greg Champion
Four hundred miles from Port Augusta, into the wild unknown
The Last Frontier Redgum
There’s a corrugated highway leading north from Port Augusta
On The Road To Port Augusta Greg Champion
Feel the pace start the slow now that I’m on the road to Port Augusta town
Port Augusta Slim Dusty
Life in Port Augusta, things don’t change
Port Augusta School Of The Air Song Woden Valley Youth Choir
songs about PORT LINCOLN
Cool Hand Lukin Paul Kelly
Back in Port Lincoln they were holding their breath, Martinez and Lukin, the only ones left
Diggers Of The ANZAC John Williamson
Things’ll never be the same in Port Lincoln since the made a movie there
Don’t Say I’m No Good Paul Kelly
You can write to me at Port Lincoln poste restante
Drinkin’ In Port Lincoln Cold Chisel
And it feels much better when they get to thinkin’ of the nights ahead when they hit Port Lincoln
Lear Jets Over Kulgera Redgum
It’s a long hot road from Adelaide to Lincoln when the radiator’s hissing steam
songs about PORT PIRIE
Where Ya Gonna Run To? Redgum
Enrich the oxide out of Port Pirie
songs about PORT WAKEFILED
Tucker Time Stirling North and the Serious Lack Of Rainfall
Have you ever seen Slim Dusty and his Travelling Road Show, he was having a hot dog with the lot at the Tucker Time, Port Wakefield Road
songs about RAPID BAY
Return To Rapid Bay Sandi McMenamin
All of the worries of life drift away when I return to Rapid Bay
The Sea Dragon Coast Sandi McMenamin
Sheltered under the Rapid Bay jetty the leafy sea dragons dance
songs about SMOKY BAY
Old Smoky Bay Amos Morris
I yearn for the great Southern ocean that rolls into old Smoky Bay
Smoky Bay Ian Quinn
I came and went to Smoky Bay
Australia Will Driving West
Chasing clouds in South Australia, trying to get back on track
Bound For South Australia Traditional
In South Australia I was born, heave away, haul away. Traditional bush ballad
In South Australia I Was Born Greg Champion
On pie floaters we were raised, and Woody Woodroofe’s lemonade, and we disliked those eastern states, back in South Australia
Ooh-Ahh South Australia Coodabeen Champions
Adelaide Crows: Pride of South Australia (Football Club Song) Fable Singers
We’re the pride of South Australia, we’re the mighty Adelaide Crows
Shanty For The Arethusa Decemberists
We set to sail on the clipper that’s bound for South Australia, the weather’s warm there, the natives are dark and nubile
The Spirit Of South Australia Sandi McMenamin
Come alive, catch the spirit of South Australia, come and stay, stay awhile
Treat Yo Mama John Butler Trio
I got a couple of sista’s in South Australia, stopping the uranium from coming up
songs about WALLAROO
Wallaroo Anthony Classen
Down at Wallaroo, yeah Wallaroo, dancing on the beach at Wallaroo
songs about WAUKARINGA
Waukaringa Greg Champion
So we’ll pass the jug around and we’ll toast our health together, and then it’s on to Waukaringa we must go
songs about YANKALILLA
The Sea Dragon Coast Sandi McMenamin
Rustic charm of old Yankalilla, cafés of Normanville town

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