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Dyan Tai – Why Sydney?

It’s always a happy moment for me whenever I discover a song that embodies the idea behind Australia By Song, and I was recently fortunate enough to come across a bright, fresh piece of electro-pop dedicated to the fine capital of New South Wales, with the very inquisitive title of Why Sydney?

Written by Malaysian-born, Sydney-based singer/songwriter, Dyan Tai, Why Sydney is dedicated to those who reside within the vibrant walls of this city, but haven’t been quite so lucky when it comes to their quest for love. It was the winner of the 2010 Sydneyvision Song Contest, and the brilliant film clip – featuring easily-recognisable locations such as the Opera House, Luna Park and Chinatown – rightfully took out the “Best Music Video” award at the 2010 Citylove Music Song Competition.

(I really love those graffitied laneways too!)

I had a quick chat with Dyan about the song as well as a few other Sydney related matters:

What inspired you to write Why Sydney?
The amount of people in Sydney who are lonely and single, even though they might the the richest or the most glamorous people I’ve ever met.

How do you feel about living in Sydney today, and does it differ very much from your home country of Malaysia?
I love Sydney. It’s really diverse – there are so many different colours and so many different flavas. I grew up in a tropical country so my first winter here was almost unbearable but I love it now. The only thing I dislike is how everything closes at 5pm. In Malaysian shopping malls, cafes and retail shops open til late, about 10-11pm, so the city is always lively, which is quite different to Sydney.

What’s your favourite suburb or part of the city to hang out in, and why?
My ultimate favourite is Newtown, where I live. I don’t feel out of place here when I do my hair up or getting breakfast in pyjamas after a massive night out.

I love Newtown too, it’s the best suburb for sure! So, where is the best place on the web for people to hear/buy your music?
Head to You can also find a link there to my Facebook for updates and free downloads.


So check it out! There are a few other upbeat electro songs at his Facebook page available to download for free, including Part Time Lovers (feat. RJB), We Don’t Have To, and A Song For Linda, all recorded with his three-piece band.

Dyan Tai is definitely somebody to keep a close eye on – and I do hope he finds the answer to his question, Why Sydney? soon 🙂

Dyan Tai – Why Sydney?

It’s always a happy moment for me whenever I discover a song that embodies the idea...
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