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Songs about Australia

This page lists a number of songs that mention Australia.
Population: 21,431,800.

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AUSTRALIA Advance Australia Fair National Anthem Youtube Australians all let us rejoyce, for we are young and free
AUSTRALIA Australia Amanda Palmer Youtube FEATURED! Or I could go to Australia and carry a bowie knife
AUSTRALIA Australia Gyroscope Youtube Such a perfect island, tucked away in the sea
AUSTRALIA Australia The Hippos   Yeah we can make it down a gentle stream, Australia
AUSTRALIA Australia Isla Grant   As I travel through this wondrous land a wealth awaits for me
AUSTRALIA Australia Jonas Brothers Youtube She won’t break my heart cause I know she’ll be from Australia
AUSTRALIA Australia JP,Chrissie & The Fairground Boys Youtube And I’m legless, and you’re finally here, Australia, oh-eoh, o-eoh, oh-oh
AUSTRALIA Australia Kamahl Youtube What is Australia to me?
AUSTRALIA Australia The Kinks Youtube So if you’re young and if you’re healthy, why not get a boat and come to Australia
AUSTRALIA Australia Manic Street Preachers Youtube Sleep for a while and speak no words in Australia
AUSTRALIA Australia The Men They Couldn’t Hang Youtube Now you’re off in Australia, have you opened new doors, we said keep in touch but we don’t write so much
AUSTRALIA Australia Science For Girls   I wanna live in Australia, I wanna do like the Aussies do
AUSTRALIA Australia The Shins Youtube But you’ll be pulled from the ocean, but just a minute too late. There is no mention of Australa in the lyrics, despite its name
AUSTRALIA Australia Downunder Jimmy Little   We were born in a land, in a land they call Downunder
AUSTRALIA Australia Down Under Our Home Kathy Sunners   The beauty of our deep oceans and our golden beaches too
AUSTRALIA Australia Is Another Word For Free John Williamson, Warren H. Williams & Amos Morris Youtube I can’t help it if I’m proud to be Australian, Australia is another word for free
AUSTRALIA Australia Is His Name Slim Dusty Youtube In the blooded test of courage raw, Australia is his name
AUSTRALIA Australian Boy Lee Kernaghan Youtube Kickin’ up a dust storm, blowin’ off steam, I’m an Australian boy
AUSTRALIA Australian Heart Ray Burton   The mystery of Australia will make you want to stay
AUSTRALIA Balladeers Of Australia Slim Dusty Youtube Balladeers of Australia, I dips my lid to you, to your memory, I dedicate this song
AUSTRALIA Bush Poets Of Australia Slim Dusty Youtube Bush poets of Australia write the stories that we love
AUSTRALIA Deadly Animals Scared Weird Little Guys Youtube Come to Australia, you might accidentally get killed
AUSTRALIA Destination Australia Rita Schneider   I’m heading home, destination Australia, soon be on my way, I’m Aussie bound
AUSTRALIA Down Under Men At Work Youtube Do you come from a land down under, where women glow and men plunder
AUSTRALIA Every Little Bit Of Australia Slim Dusty Youtube Every little bit of Australia is a little bit of you and me
AUSTRALIA Good Morning Australia Bliss N Eso Youtube  
AUSTRALIA Great Southern Land Icehouse Youtube Great southern land, great southern land, you walk alone like a primitive man
AUSTRALIA HMAS Australia Redgum   Band keeps playing American songs from 1973, getting wise to the officer’s lie
AUSTRALIA I Am Australian Seekers Youtube I am, you are, we are Australian
AUSTRALIA I’m Strictly Australian Rita Schneider   I’m strictly Australian, it’s my country and I love it, fair dinkum sheila and I’m so proud of it
AUSTRALIA I Still Call Australia Home Peter Allen Youtube But no matter how far or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home
AUSTRALIA It’s Always Australia For Me Olivia Newton-John Youtube And there’s no place that I’d rather be, yes, it’s always Australia for me
AUSTRALIA I Wanna Be An Aussie In Australia Rita Schneider   I wanna be an Aussie in Australia, I’d like to see some redbacks on the loo
AUSTRALIA Jack Off Australia Chris Franklin Youtube Once a Pommy sailor found a land down under, called the place Australia when he finally got back
AUSTRALIA Keep Austraila Beautiful John Williamson   Peace is what will keep Australia beautiful
AUSTRALIA Livin’ In Australia Lee Kernaghan Youtube We can’t use the hose cause it’s been too dry, but that’s nothing new livin’ in Australia
AUSTRALIA The March For Australia John Williamson   So fair dinkum, make a stand, try to love an ancient land
AUSTRALIA My Oath To Australia John Williamson   I believe in the ancient spirit of the Great South Land
AUSTRALIA Nomadsland GANGgajang Youtube I’m walking through time in Australia, two hundred years later
AUSTRALIA No Place On Earth Like Australia Slim Dusty   Oh there’s no place on Earth like Australia, sure and good old Oz is good enough for me
AUSTRALIA Turin Brakes Other Side Youtube Speeding through Australia, I’ve become time traveller
AUSTRALIA People Of Australia Midnight Oil   Yeah, people of Australia, sing this song, see many faces from many places, yeah
AUSTRALIA Sing Australia John Denver Youtube In the sails on Sydney Harbour I can hear Australia sing
AUSTRALIA Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) GANGgajang Youtube Laugh and think, this is Australia
AUSTRALIA This Is Australia Calling John Williamson Youtube This is Australia calling, this is Australia calling
AUSTRALIA This Land Australia Ted Egan   Try to understand this land Australia, take her as she is, her moods, her mysteries